About Us

High Qualitative Standards

Advanced Production Process

Flexibility for customized products


Since 1976 our company operates in the field of wire processing, combining the tradition maintained by family management with innovation that supports the high specialization of our production.

High quality standards, flexibility in the production of tailor-made products allow our company to meet the needs of the Italian and European market.

The production department has always been the beating heart of Imola Filo; here we have concentrated in the last years the greatest investments in terms of machinery and personnel to always be able and flexible.

Our current machine park, which allows us to work both the iron wire FE37 and the AISI304 steel, boasts fully automated work centers managed by dedicated software and consists of 6-axis welding robots, robotized welding islands for wire, bending-welding chains and automatic loading.

Our production characteristics allow us to work with customers in the most varied market sectors.



  • food and sanitary-sterilization: grilles for cheese seasoning, meat processing, baskets and grids for sterilization
  • Counter and floor advertising displays for the needs of both the small shop and the large-scale retailers and related accessories: display hooks, baskets, brochure holders, advance to point of sale etc.
  • electronic, automotive and household appliances: safety guards and engine covers
  • furniture for shops, home and office
  • industry: baskets dedicated to handling particular dices for automatic processing and washing plants